Comparing the Needs of Case Management between Medical Aid Beneficiaries with Simple and Multiple Chronic Diseases
단일만성질환과 복합만성질환 의료급여수급자의 사례관리요구도 비교

Yang Heui Ahn, Yeonok Suh, Ok Kyung Ham, Hee Kyung Kim
2015 The Korean Journal of Rehabilitation Nursing  
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare the needs of case management between Medical aid beneficiaries with simple and multiple chronic diseases (SCD vs MCD). Methods: The study employed secondary analysis method using a cross-sectional data from 2009 case management service enrollees. Data on 35,862 beneficiaries who have chronic disease(s) were used in the description of chronic disease characteristics, and data on 20,392 beneficiaries, excluding those who have depression and/or
more » ... bilities, were used to compare the group differences. Results: Mean age was 68.8±11.63 years, and 73.3% were females. MCD group showed an older age, had more women than SCD group. Self-care ability and appropriateness of health care utilization were significantly different between the groups, but there was no difference in health-related quality of life. In subscales, there were significant differences in general health status, depression, symptom management, healthy lifestyle, hygiene and vaccination, and appropriateness of health utilization. Conclusion: Different characteristics between patients with simple and multiple chronic diseases indicate that different case management approaches are required for these groups. The study results could be used as a basis for the development of case management model tailored to the characteristics and needs of medical-aid beneficiaries.
doi:10.7587/kjrehn.2015.98 fatcat:xyvmsnsv35akngsynu5udhvnh4