Özel Eğitim Öğretmenleri İçin Web 2.0 Araçlari Hizmet İçi Eğitim Programının Etk

Sabiha YENİ
2017 Turkish Studies  
The aim of the study is to provide a skill of building instructional digital materials that give power to special education teachers to provide information about lessons in the curriculum more efficient, by including Web 2.0 tools to their lessons. Additionally, another purpose of the study is to to find out the efficacy of the Web 2.0 education given to special education teachers, and to survey the opinions of the special education teachers on that education. Teachers were provided with
more » ... n training to enable them to develop their own course materials. As a quantitative design, the single group pre-test / post-test model from preexperimental models was used in the study. The sample of the study constitutes 18 special education teachers. Education presented the contents of the education to the special education teachers during 7 days. Education was performed every day, starting with 80 minutes of presentation, followed by 15 minutes of brake, and then 85 minutes of practice. The academic achievement test was conducted before and after the education for measuring the effectiveness of the Web 2.0 education and the opinion survey was applied for investigating the satisfaction level of the participant teachers at the end of the training. According to findings, there is a significant difference between teachers' pre-test and post-test scores. In addition, teachers expressed positive opinions on learning objectives, academic staff-student interaction quality and teaching methods. STRUCTURED ABSTRACT The primary purpose of the study is to enable the special education teachers to be informed of the existing mobile applications, and to develop their own digital materials using the Web 2.0 tools. Additionally, another
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12180 fatcat:cpzvlvqhvjclpldud6q7dpqcmy