Genotype effect on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of Vitis spp

J Mozsar, Viczian
1996 Vitis   unpublished
S u m m a r y : The effect of genotype on grapevine embryogenic culture was studied on eight Vitis spp. Cultures were obtained from excised anthers, isolated from flower buds. Somatic embryogenesis was achieved from 6 of the 8 varieties at various frequencies. Embryos were germinated either on solid or in liquid medium in the dark before being exposed to light. The regeneration rate ranged from 8 to 81 %. For induction of recurrent somatic embryogenesis, torpedoes and early cotyledonary stage
more » ... matic embryos were employed applying two plant growth regulator treatments. Results demonstrate that grape cultivars are highly variable in their response to induce somatic embryogenesis, recurrent somatic embryogenesis and germination of embryos. K e y w o r d s : somatic embryogenesis, grapevine, genotype effect, germination.