O Direito fundamental à segurança Social e seu panorama na ordem constitucional brasileira

Osvaldo Ferreira de Carvalho
2016 Direito Público  
This article focus on the fundamental right to social security and its view in the Brazilian constitutional order, so that social security is characterized as a system of protection and social justice. In this study, support that social security is a subjective public fundamental right, inalienable, indivisible and non-transferable. The purpose this article is to also clarify that in our legal and constitutional system, social justice is the end of Social Order and is expressed in the equitable
more » ... ed in the equitable distribution of social benefits for those who need them and social security is the protective model that is designed to institutionalize its precepts. In addition, it is indicated the governing principles of social security at the constitutional level.
doi:10.11117/22361766.68.12.2334 fatcat:u7syrm3onrdkbgfr37lzunb3yu