Flavor violation and warped geometry

Stephan J. Huber
2003 Nuclear Physics B  
Extra dimensions have interesting consequences for flavor physics. We consider a setup where the standard model fermions and gauge fields reside in the bulk of a warped extra dimension. Fermion masses and mixings are explained by flavor dependent fermion locations, without relying on hierarchical Yukawa couplings. We discuss various flavor violating processes induced by (Kaluza-Klein) gauge boson exchange and non-renormalizable operators. Experimental constraints are satisfied with a
more » ... d with a Kaluza-Klein scale of about 10 TeV. Some processes, such as muon-electron conversion, are within reach of next generation experiments.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(03)00502-9 fatcat:2gmsay2nmbhljkjarxlvt2bidq