On the absence of acylated anthocyanins in some wild grapevine accessions

E Revilla, D Carrasco, V Carrasco, A Benito, R Arroyo-García
2012 Vitis   unpublished
Our current research is focused on the anthocyanin composition of female grape accessions, mostly Span-ish, preserved at El Encín Germplasm Bank. In 2008, berries of 126 accessions were taken at maturity. After the extraction from grape skins, total anthocyans were determined by spectrophotometry, and the anthocyanin fingerprint of grapes by HPLC, considering the relative amount of 15 anthocyanins. Among those 126 accessions , 23 genotypes (18.25 %) did not present acylated anthocyanins. Thus,
more » ... hose 23 genotypes presented a characteristic anthocyanin fingerprint, similar at a certain extent to that presented by some Rhine basin and Italian grape cultivars, e.g., 'Pinot Noir' and 'Gagliop-po'. Nevertheless, the absence of acylated anthocyanins has not been described in any Spanish grape cultivar. The examination of the anthocyanin fingerprint of wild grapes without acylated anthocyanins reveals that the regulation of the anthocyanin biosynthesis may differ in various wild grape accessions. K e y w o r d s : Wild