Superconductivity inNdFe1−xCoxAsO(0.05<x<0.20)and rare-earth magnetic ordering in NdCoAsO

Andrea Marcinkova, David A. M. Grist, Irene Margiolaki, Thomas C. Hansen, Serena Margadonna, Jan-Willem G. Bos
2010 Physical Review B  
The phase diagram of NdFe1-xCoxAsO for low cobalt substitution consists of a superconducting dome (0.05 < x < 0.20) with a maximum critical temperature of 16.5(2) K for x = 0.12. The x = 1 end member, NdCoAsO, is an itinerant ferromagnet (TC = 85 K) with an ordered moment of 0.30(1) BM at 15 K. Below TN = 9 K, Nd spin-ordering results in the antiferromagnetic coupling of the existing ferromagnetic planes. Rietveld analysis reveals that the electronically important two-fold tetrahedral angle
more » ... eases from 111.4 to 115.9 deg. in this series. Underdoped samples with x = 0.046(2) and x = 0.065(2) show distortions to the orthorhombic Cmma structure at 72(2) and 64(2) K, respectively. The temperature dependences of the critical fields Hc2(T) near Tc are linear with almost identical slopes of 2.3(1) T K-1 for x = 0.065(2), x = 0.118(2) and x = 0.172(2). The estimated critical field Hc2(0) and correlation length for optimally doped samples are 26(1) T and 36(1) Angstrom. A comparison of the maximum reported critical temperatures of well-characterized cobalt doped 122- and 1111-type superconductors is presented.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.81.064511 fatcat:hegkefef6ndsti4y2neso42iyy