Surgical data science in endoscopic surgery

Tobias Roß
Potential of unlabeled data The section Potential of unlabeled data is based on the related publication Ross et al. [Ross et al., ]. The concept for this section was developed closely together with David Zimmerer, who has often given advice during the implementation phase. However the implementation, evaluation and plot generation was all done by myself. Quality controlled dataset generation The data for the section Quality controlled dataset generation was recorded during daily routine by Dr.
more » ... artin Wagner and Prof. Beat Müller-Stich. In addition, Dr. Martin Wagner was responsible for phase annotations, which were the basis for the frame extraction. He was further a medical expert who performed the instrument segmentations' quality control. The concept for the frame extraction was developed by all the mentioned people together. The annotations of the instruments were generated with the help of the entire CAMI group. However, the instrument annotation Graphical User Interface (GUI), the labeling protocol, the artifacts annotation GUI and the quality control was all done by myself. Parts of this section are under minor revision for the related publication Maier-Hein et al. [Maier-Hein et al., b].
doi:10.11588/heidok.00030928 fatcat:qxx4qc66q5hkzhg2bd474ylhwi