EPiC Series in Computing HyReach: A Verification Tool for Linear Hybrid Systems Based on Support Functions (Tool Presentation)

Ibtissem Makhlouf, Norman Hansen, Stefan Kowalewski
We present HyReach, a MATLAB-based toolbox for reachability analysis of linear hybrid systems based on support functions. The main goal of HyReach is to provide a single graphical user interface for easily configurable reachability analysis on different systems. HyReach offers a number of known algorithms for the computation of reachable sets within modes. These are combined with various approaches of handling mode invariants, guard intersection computations and transition strategies.
more » ... e, plug-ins like the MPT and CVX toolboxes complement the existing MATLAB optimization toolbox to increase the variety of optimization algorithms for the computation of support functions. HyReach supports both textual and graphical inputs and outputs, allowing for flexibility and seam-lessness in workflow and processing of data. We illustrate these features with examples in this paper.