Auditory Brainstem Responses of Schizophrenic Patients in a Nigerian Mental Health Clinic

O. Ogundiran, J. E. Tobih, O. Odetoyinbo, A. A. Adeosun, A. O. Olaosun, Adedeji T. O, Ogundiran A. C, S. A. Ogunkeyede, Falade J, A. J. Adigun, B. A. Eegunranti
2019 The International Journal of Science & Technoledge  
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by incoherent or illogical thoughts, bizarre behavior and speech, delusions or hallucinations such as hearing voices. This study sought to find out if there would be hearing loss among schizophrenic patients with active auditory hallucination and if there is, will it be significant? This is a descriptive cohort study conducted among 31 actively hallucinating schizophrenic patients who were recruited from Department of Psychiatry, LAUTECH Teaching
more » ... y, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo and 31 normal adults. Ear examination was for both study and control groups and Maico MB 11 ABR was used to determine the participants' hearing thresholds. Analysis of data was done through standard deviation, percentages, mean, chi-square and t-test. The minimum age was 20 years, maximum was 58 years, SD = 9.247 with 28 males (45.2%) and 34 females (54.8%). Among the study group 26 (83.9%) had abnormal ABR bilaterally while only (12.9%) were abnormal on the right and 5 (16.1%) on the left in the control group. Also, mild hearing loss was prevalent in both groups bilaterally. There is a significant difference of 14 dB on the right ears and 15 dB on the left ears between the study group and the control group: RE: t=6.062, df=60, p=0.000, LE: t=6.198, df=60, p=0.000. Schizophrenia is one of the most disturbing mental disorders that require serious attention. The collaboration in the management of schizophrenia among specialists such as Psychiatrists, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists and Audiologists in the treatment and management of this disorder hold a satisfying prognosis.
doi:10.24940/theijst/2019/v7/i9/st1909-027 fatcat:apmxn37twffalellfs7v4whjma