O.A. Stolbova
2019 Zenodo  
Under the conditions of the Northern Trans-Urals, they studied the parasitic activity of demodex ticks among cattle and analyzed the dynamics of their parasitism. During the period of 2002-2018, the cattle of different sex and age were examined. The research established that the diseases of parasitic etiology, in particular, cattle demodicosis, were recorded in 14.74 ± 1.471% of cases. Four types of demodectic colonies are identified: the first type (I type) - young, developing, the second type
more » ... (II type) - mature developed, the third type (III type) - old, completing the development and the fourth type (IV type) - the type with completed development. The maximum number of colonies of the first type was noted in October - 36.4%, the maximum number of the second type colonies in December - 58.7%, the maximum number of the third type colonies in March - 64.3%, the maximum number of fourth type of colonies in August - 18.3%. The minimum number of young colonies (type I) was registered in March - 11.3%, the minimum number of type II colonies in August - 16.7%, the minimum number of type III colonies in December - 17.8% and the minimum number of the colonies with completed development (type IV) in December - 0.9%. The analysis of the potential and real possibility of the causative agent of demodicosis spread showed that the first two types of demodectic colonies correspond (type I - young and type II - mature). The greatest parasitic activity of demodex tick colonies in the quantitative ratio of the first and second type ratio is expressed in December and reaches 81.3%, quite high in October - 65.5% and 57.7% in July. The minimal parasitic activity of demodectic colonies was observed in March - 30.9%. The parasitic activity of demodectic colonies is an important point that should and must be taken into account during acaricidal treatments among cattle against demodex ticks. Keywords: cattle, ticks, parasites, parasitic activity, demodecosis, Demodex bovis.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3262153 fatcat:szeddfmfsves3ernaw6o34f5n4