Extremely hard and tough high entropy nitride ceramics

Dmitry Moskovskikh, Stepan Vorotilo, Veronika Buinevich, Alexey Sedegov, Kirill Kuskov, Alexander Khort, Christopher Shuck, Maksim Zhukovskyi, Alexander Mukasyan
2020 Scientific Reports  
Simultaneously hard and tough nitride ceramics open new venues for a variety of advanced applications. To produce such materials, attention is focused on the development of high-entropy ceramics, containing four or more metallic components distributed homogeneously in the metallic sublattice. While the fabrication of bulk high-entropy carbides and borides is well established, high-entropy nitrides have only been produced as thin films. Herein, we report on a newel three-step process to
more » ... process to fabricate bulk high-entropy nitrides. The high-entropy nitride phase was obtained by exothermic combustion of mechanically-activated nanostructured metallic precursors in nitrogen and consolidated by spark plasma sintering. The fabricated bulk high-entropy nitride (Hf0.2Nb0.2Ta0.2Ti0.2Zr0.2)N demonstrates outstanding hardness (up to 33 GPa) and fracture toughness (up to 5.2 MPa∙m1/2), significantly surpassing expected values from mixture rules, as well as all other reported binary and high-entropy ceramics and can be used for super-hard coatings, structural materials, optics, and others. The obtained results illustrate the scalable method to produce bulk high-entropy nitrides with the new benchmark properties.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-76945-y pmid:33199795 fatcat:ostj2dw4qvcqjprq4k7bft6k5m