Attractiveness of Certain Popular Food Products to the German Cockroach, Blattella germanica, Adults under Field Conditions

Abd Elwahab Ibrahim, Reda Bakr, Olfat El-Monairy, Yasser El-Sayed, Maysa Hegazy
2017 Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences  
Entomology Journal publishes original research papers and reviews from any entomological discipline or from directly allied fields in ecology, behavioral biology, The attractiveness of twenty seven materials (11 of fresh vegetables, 8 of plant seeds, and 8 of oily materials) to adult male and female of German cockroaches, Blattella germanica, was evaluated singly and as mixtures under field conditions. The comparison of attractiveness was done between materials in the same group and between the
more » ... most attractive materials of each group. Results showed that fresh coriander leaves, dill leaves, and zucchini fruit were the most attractive materials of the green vegetables group to both sexes and a combination of coriander leaves and zucchini fruit increased the number of attracted male and female cockroaches. In case of plant seeds, roasted peanut was the most attractive to males and females, whereas peanut butter was the most attractive from oily materials. A mixture composed of equal amounts of roasted peanut, coriander oil, fresh coriander leaves, and zucchini fruit attracted more cockroaches than peanut butter. Addition of cockroach's feces to the mixture increased its attractiveness against cockroaches.
doi:10.21608/eajb.2017.12150 fatcat:zyi32kabyrggthgscvlbl3fn2y