Olena Kryvoruchko, Yuliia Kostiuk, Yuliia Samoilenko
2021 Upravlìnnâ rozvitkom skladnih sistem  
Technological processes of the food industry are characterized by uncertainty and complexity of the process, which depend on many factors, from the composition of raw materials to the physico-chemical properties of products at all stages of its production. All these objects increase the possibility of fluctuations in the parameters of the process and the quality of the final product. The issue of creating an information system for quality control of finished products of the technological
more » ... of butter production, based on the application of statistical methods of product quality control, namely Schuhart control charts, is considered. In order to build Schuhart control charts, experimental data on the moisture content of the finished product is being used, which is set by the technological regulations in accordance with the type of oil. Diagnosis and forecasting of the quality of finished products are carried out by analyzing the maps of the average and the scope for the possible emissions beyond the control limits of the process, namely the upper and lower limits. The average map is used to display the stability of the process with the application of the average process and reveals unwanted variations or conditions under which the process leaves the state of static control. The scale map serves to identify undesirable variations in the subgroup of the sample and serves as an indicator of process variability. In case of going some values beyond the scope map indicates on the existing of «reason-consequence» type of relationships in the system. K. Isikavi's diagram was used to organize the possible causes of deviations during the technological process.
doi:10.32347/2412-9933.2021.47.190-195 fatcat:5naotmvc5bb4npofthgh3ponae