Comparison of VPR (Vertical Profile of Reflectivity) Models to Identify the Range Dependent Error in Radar Reflectivity
레이더 반사도의 거리오차 구조 파악을 위한 VPR 모형 비교

Jungsoo Yoon, Chulsang Yoo, Jeongho Choi, Jungmo Ku
2014 Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation  
Due to the earth's curvature effect, the height of the radar beam increases as the distance from the radar increases. So the radar rainfall shows the difference from the ground rainfall. The earth curvature is an important source of error among others, which is defined as the range dependent error. This study applied three VPR (Vertical Profile of Reflectivity) models to identify the range dependent error. The range dependent error were calculated by the difference between the 1.5 km CAPPI
more » ... e 1.5 km CAPPI reflectivity and the reflectivity at 1.5 km estimated from the VPR, which were quantified separately by the bias and the root mean square error. This study evaluated what model can properly present the range dependent error. Model 1 referred to Fabry (1997) considering the bright band. Model 2 is the same as Fabry (1997) but with the uniform vertical profile below the bright band. Model 3, similar to model 2, has the exponential decreased pattern. Also, two different parameter estimation methods were considered: method 1 is to consider the reflectivity below the bright band and method 2 both below and upper the region. As an application result, the model 3 was found to be the most suitable for identifying the range dependent error.
doi:10.9798/kosham.2014.14.4.79 fatcat:lthbrlf3czhe5c63epzzer6tsm