Amerikan Protestan Misyonerlerinin Ermeniler Arasındaki Faaliyetleri ve Bunun Osmanlı-Amerikan İlişkilerine Etkisi

Mithat AYDIN
2006 OTAM(Ankara  
Spread of Protestantism on the Ottoman land was mostly carried out by the efforts of American and British missionaries. American missionaries who started to appear on the Ottoman land with the goal of Protestantization of the Whole World, had first launched their activities in the Syria and Palestine regions of the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 19 th century; in the following years they kept on spreading their activities to every corner of the country by opening schools, hospitals,
more » ... ols, hospitals, churches and orphanages. With the collaboration of British mission organizations and under the patronage of British and American diplomats, American missionary activities gained momentum after the 1840s among the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire. However, the activities of American missionary organizations were more political than religious, just like those of other international missionary organizations. Therefore these activities posed great political, rather than religious, threat to the Ottoman Empire. Consequently, most of the time, they had great affects in shaping Ottoman-American diplomatic relations. Ottoman archival documents indicate that American missionaries would both take part in masterminding, organizing and patronizing the Armenian uprisings against the Empire, as well as they would report those uprisings to the American and European publics with an exaggerating approach by which they would also denigrate the Turkish side. On one hand, the Ottoman Empire tried to defend itself against those separatist and destructive activities; it took some diplomatic actions on the other. However, rather than easing the trouble, most of the time such endeavors triggered more crisis between the two countries.
doi:10.1501/otam_0000000377 fatcat:wieyt4ft5ff75n3oqkm5b2ezbe