Investigation of beauty production and parton shower effects at the LHC

H. Jung, M. Kraemer, A. V. Lipatov, N. P. Zotov
2012 Physical Review D  
We present hadron-level predictions from the Monte Carlo generator Cascade and parton level calculations of open b quark, b-flavored hadron and inclusive b-jet production in the framework of the kt-factorization QCD approach for the LHC energies. The unintegrated gluon densities in a proton are determined using the CCFM evolution equation and the Kimber-Martin-Ryskin (KMR) prescription. Our predictions are compared with the first data taken by the CMS and LHCb collaborations at 7 TeV. We study
more » ... he theoretical uncertainties of our calculations and investigate the effects coming from parton showers in initial and final states. The special role of initial gluon transverse momenta in description of the data is pointed out.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.85.034035 fatcat:ll6nn4ldtjds7gua35rmacn7hu