Three big Cs: Climate, cement and China [chapter]

Joakim Nordqvist, Christopher Boyd, Howard Klee
The Business of Climate Change: Corporate Responses to Kyoto  
Cement is a low-cost construction material whose manufacture generates significant carbon dioxide emissions. As these emissions enter a carbon-constrained world, they may ultimately have a significant impact on the industry's financial performance. Consequently, the cement industry is developing a response to climate change management and the connected political process. Ten of the world's leading cementproducing corporations, representing more than one-third of global cement production,
more » ... production, published a joint Agenda for Action in 2002 to address sustainability issues for the industry, including climate change. Other issues identified are emissions reduction, use of fuels and raw materials, employee health and safety, local impacts on land and communities, and internal business processes. Examining the rationale for, and the effects of, proactive climate initiatives in the cement sector, this paper elaborates on the conditions for the spread of cement-related climate action to China, where more than one-third of global cement production occurs, 80% of which involves inefficient kilns using outdated, highly polluting technology.
doi:10.9774/gleaf.978-1-909493-48-3_11 fatcat:gmo7oyivsvftrdwo3uzc3o5mim