MBE synthesis of YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub y/ superconducting thin films

V.C. Matijasevic, H.M. Appelboom, F. Mathu, P. Hadley, D. van der Marel, J.E. Mooij
1993 IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity  
We discuss issues concerning molecular beam epitaxy of the superconductor YBa2Cu30y. We have madc films by MBE at low pressures using molccular oxygcn and ozone. A minimum incidence rate of each of these specics for synthesis of YBa2Cu30y is established and compared wilh the thermodynamic stability data and lower kinctic limits. For ozone the lower limit appears to be dctermined by the growth rate. General1 the best films that are made at low pressures lower transition temperatures and expanded
more » ... atures and expanded c-axes, but still sharp transitions and high critical currents. Cation disordcr is suggested as a likely explanation for these properties. We discuss the model of solubility of Ba on the Y sitcs and find it consistent with experimental results. (less than 10-1 mbar of oxygcn or wilh ozone) have slightly
doi:10.1109/77.233377 fatcat:qyxt63vz7zhqxjosr56225bapy