Pore Modification and Phosphorus Doping Effect on Phosphoric Acid-Activated Fe-N-C for Alkaline Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Jong Gyeong Kim, Sunghoon Han, Chanho Pak
2021 Nanomaterials  
The price and scarcity of platinum has driven up the demand for non-precious metal catalysts such as Fe-N-C. In this study, the effects of phosphoric acid (PA) activation and phosphorus doping were investigated using Fe-N-C catalysts prepared using SBA-15 as a sacrificial template. The physical and structural changes caused by the addition of PA were analyzed by nitrogen adsorption/desorption and X-ray diffraction. Analysis of the electronic states of Fe, N, and P were conducted by X-ray
more » ... ted by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The amount and size of micropores varied depending on the PA content, with changes in pore structure observed using 0.066 g of PA. The electronic states of Fe and N did not change significantly after treatment with PA, and P was mainly found in states bonded to oxygen or carbon. When 0.135 g of PA was introduced per 1 g of silica, a catalytic activity which was increased slightly by 10 mV at −3 mA/cm2 was observed. A change in Fe-N-C stability was also observed through the introduction of PA.
doi:10.3390/nano11061519 pmid:34201332 pmcid:PMC8229517 fatcat:opqur5n63vfchcniujcytjf57a