Data Usage in Talent Management – Challenges for SMEs in the Field of Skilled Crafts

George Thomas
2020 SocioEconomic Challenges  
The main purpose of this study is to analyze the main challenges and opportunities in the context of the use of innovative technologies in the management of talent in small and medium-sized craft enterprises. The systematization of literary sources and approaches has shown that the complexities of talent management processes in the personnel management system are related to the consequences of socio-economic, demographic, and climatic changes in society, the activation of globalization
more » ... balization processes, and the rapid development of information technologies. The article analyzes the impact of digitization on the talent management process, as well as identifies the main factors that impede the transition of small and medium-sized enterprises to the use of HR software solutions. The study used methods of bibliometric analysis and predictive analytics and selected the activity of small and medium-sized craft enterprises in Germany. Literature research has shown that in most small and medium-sized craft enterprises, the decision to use innovative technology approaches to the process of talent management in small and medium-sized enterprises is the sole responsibility of the company owner. The results of data analysis using software products play an important role in reducing the risk of making wrong decisions, especially in the talent management process. In the course of the research, it is established that the use of information technologies of data processing allows us to determine the level of qualification of employees, their psychophysiological parameters, as well as to monitor the dynamics of changes of certain professional characteristics. The main threats and challenges arising from the use of information systems with elements of artificial intelligence of data processing, when managing talents, are highlighted in the work. The results presented in this article may be useful for small and medium-sized business leaders to promote the practice of using innovative technology approaches in the enterprise talent management process. Keywords: skilled labor; digitization; human resources management; small and medium enterprises, talent management.
doi:10.21272/sec.4(1).75-81.2020 fatcat:qxd45a6ydfcxldzciaxgldkxou