Turquoises from ruins

1902 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
of Berlin, has patented an improved form of apparatus for producing thin films by electro-deposition. An endless metal band is first coated with potassium sulphide, and, after washing, is passed through a nickel bath of the usual composition. The thin film of nickel obtained in this way is backed by copper (by passing through a similar bath containing a copper salt in solution) and by tough paper, before being stripped from its support. A strong sheet or roll of paper faced with bright metallic
more » ... ith bright metallic nickel can be obtained in this manner, and the use of this material after relief-stamping and coloring, for wall-papers and for advertisement show-cards is said to offer many advantages. The electro-deposited "paper" is also reported to be useful for packing the stuffing boxes of high-pressure steam engines, and, if sold at reasonable rates, it is possible that there are many uses for which it may prove suitable.--Scienlific American.
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(02)90124-9 fatcat:ayqkngd6lzgidef7arm5doyb2q