Aluga-se para temporada: o Airbnb e a cidade como negócio [thesis]

Clarice Nassar Bramucci Tambelli
This work is dedicated to broaden the discussion about the impacts caused by the use of technology applications in the logic of production and reproduction of space, modifying the practices, the forms of appropriation, and the lives of the inhabitants of cities. We specifically studied the Airbnb application and its performance, mainly in the city of São Paulo, showing some of the trends from the rentals made by the platform, such as: the predominant rental of entire spaces at the expense of
more » ... red properties, concentration in central neighborhoods and the strong trend towards the hosts' professionalization. The thesis reprove the understanding propagated by enthusiastic's, that there would be a break of the current model of capitalist exploitation in the operation of platforms such as Airbnb. It defends that the company is inserted in the logic of neoliberal rationality, based on the notion of micro-entrepreneurship and the non-formalized exploitation of work, representing a deepening and extension of the moment of the current capitalist exploitation. It is also observed that Airbnb is supported by venture capital, has practically no physical assets, has a function supported on the capture of ground rents, and incorporates income from assets previously not fully used in terms of accumulation. The application's vocation to emerge as a mediator between the real estate business and the capital market is put into the analysis, from which we discuss the convergence between the particularities of capital dynamics backed by real estate transactions and the overcoming of barriers to an entry of more effective use of interest-bearing capital in the real estate industry. In this way, the platform works with a capital backed by real estate negotiations, carrying determinations of the interest-bearing capital and immense potential to guide part of the production process of the urban space. Keywords: Airbnb. Sharing Economy. Space production. Real estate Market. Rentier capitalismo. Profissionalização dos anfitriões da plataforma 55 3.2.4 Redução da oferta de aluguéis sem mediação da plataforma e aumento dos preços 63 3.2.5 Alterações nos entornos dos locais que concentram as locações da plataforma 67 3.3 Os aluguéis de curta duração na cidade de São Paulo 69 3.3.1 Distribuição total dos aluguéis 70 3.3.2 Tipo de aluguel oferecido 76 3.3.3 Profissionalização dos usos da plataforma 79 3.4 Os aluguéis de curta duração na cidade do Rio de Janeiro 90 3.5 Visão Geral: profissionalização e impactos urbanos 92 Capítulo III -As determinações do capital portador de juros e o funcionamento do Airbnb 95 4.1 Capital portador de juros na era das plataformas enxutas 95 4.2 Setor imobiliário e o capital portador de juros 98 4.3 Renda da terra como capital fictício 101 4.4 Os negócios imobiliários do aplicativo e o capital portador de juros 103 Apontamentos e considerações finais 109 5.
doi:10.11606/d.8.2020.tde-13042021-193918 fatcat:jc5hsfznhvg7rblx4e4ua6posq