Hematological, Biochemical and Serological Predictors of NS1 Positive Dengue Patients: A Laboratory Practical Perspective

Dhiraj B Nikumbh
2017 International Clinical Pathology Journal  
Dengue fever is the most common tropical and arthropod borne viral infection in the World. The present study aimed to highlight the importance of hematological, biochemical and serological markers correlation for early diagnosis of dengue fever with NS1 antigen for timely management. The cross sectional observational study was done on 42 out of 74 patients of clinical features of dengue over a period of one year from May 2015 to April 2016. We observed a strong correlation of pancytopenia with NS1 positive patients with deranged SGPT values.
doi:10.15406/icpjl.2017.04.00096 fatcat:brxfmwahn5ecnkkto7did7i7c4