Hash Proof System Based on Lattice

Feng Xia, Bo Yang, Qiong Huang, Sha Ma
2012 International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology  
We present a hash proof systems (HPS)based on hard lattice problems including learning with error (LWE) and inhomogeneous small integer solution (ISIS). Different from the HPS in past, ours is with error. That is to say, the deterministic private evaluation algorithm is not always equivalent to the deterministic public evaluation algorithm. The difference between them is one or zero. We also show how to construct a public-key encryption scheme which is semantically secure against key-leakage
more » ... inst key-leakage attacks in the standard model using our HPS based on lattice. Compared with previous cryptosystem based on lattice, our construction needs bigger public key space but fewer operations during encryption, and can resist quantum attacks because of the assumption on lattice problem.
doi:10.4156/ijact.vol4.issue8.1 fatcat:44gkrtfkvzcgngtjtbkk2jtmsm