A Brief Guide for Using Cognionics HD-72 Wireless EEG System: Noninvasive Method of Measuring the Brain's Electric Fields in Psychophysiological Research [post]

Hiran Perera-W.A.
2022 unpublished
The primary goal in cognitive neuroscientific research is to investigate the underlying neurobiological mechanisms that inaugurate various behaviors and executive functions. A multitude of methodologies exists today that can be used to measure cortical electrical activities. Electroencephalography (EEG) has now been established as an essential noninvasive measure for investigating cortical electric fields. The use of Cognionics dry-mobile wireless EEG system has become widely popular in
more » ... e neuroscientific research due to its portability, ease of setting-up, and easy access to the raw data for further processing. This paper presents a brief guideline for exploiting Cognionics HD-72 wireless EEG systems in psychological research without incurring a performance penalty during data collection. A careful investigation of the components in the EEG system will allow researchers to utilize the system effectively when conducting EEG research.
doi:10.31234/osf.io/vcyfb fatcat:5cw65eqdnzbnzoflvedc4fr7om