Pressure analysis of a Multi-tube Cyclone Separator

Cheng Yu, Xinghua Liu, Jiping Wang
International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research   unpublished
In order to study the pressure drop changing in multi-tube guide vane cyclone at the gas transmission station, the model of 21-tube guide vane cyclone was established, and the static pressure, dynamic pressure and total pressure distribution were analyzed in the interior of cyclone separator and cyclonic tube. The results show that the multi-tube pressure drop is mainly composed of single pipe, being about 80% ~ 90% of total pressure drop. In the interior of cyclone separator, the distribution
more » ... f total pressure and static pressure is very similar, namely that the pressure of inlet chamber is maximal, and the gas-collecting chamber is minimum, and the maximum static pressure is about 6000 ~ 7000 Pa. The dynamic pressure in most regions of 21-tube is the same, being about 500Pa. The variation gradient of dynamic pressure is mainly concentrated on the exit of the exhaust pipe and the interior of single cyclone tube. In the interior of cyclone tube, the distribution of static pressure and dynamic pressure is symmetrical, and the maximum static pressure is in the inlet of cyclonic tube, being 6000 Pa, besides the maximum dynamic pressure is in the inlet of gas exit tube, being 4500 Pa. The symmetry of total pressure along the axis is very good, and its value decreases gradually from surface to center, the inlet value is maximum, being about 6000 Pa.