Temperature Anisotropies and Distortions Induced by Hot Intracluster Gas on the Cosmic Microwave Background

F. Atrio‐Barandela, J. P. Mucket
1999 Astrophysical Journal  
The power spectrum of temperature anisotropies induced by hot intracluster gas on the cosmic background radiation is calculated. For low multipoles it remains constant while at multipoles above l>2000 it is exponentially damped. The shape of the radiation power spectrum is almost independent of the average intracluster gas density profile, gas evolution history or clusters virial radii; but the amplitude depends strongly on those parameters and could be as large as 20 global properties of the
more » ... uster population and the evolution of the intracluster gas. The distortion on the Cosmic Microwave Background black body spectra varies in a similar manner. The ratio of the temperature anisotropy to the mean Comptonization parameters is shown to be almost independent of the cluster model and, in first approximation, depends only on the number density of clusters.
doi:10.1086/307032 fatcat:lblxfwhb4vb43pyo2q6uxuyvfm