A Finger Shield for Musicians

1888 Scientific American  
AN IMPROVED TOBAOCO PIPE. operator sending the parcel, etc., at a distance from A"pipe in which the tobacco can be pressed down in the cashier's desk, can bring the carrier back again. As the bowl, or loosened if pressed too closely, and in the carrier in its forward. movement nears the cashier's which t.he bottom of the bowl can be conveniently desk, the downwardly extending lugs on its bottom scraped and cleaned, is illustrated herewith, and has engage the edges of the plate attached to the
more » ... st, been patented by Messrs. Thomas B. Whitledge, so that the bottom is held while the carrier moves for George W. Kenner, and Michael Rueckert, of St. Mary's, ward the width of.one of its compartments,its open com Mo. To a ring plate on the edge of the bowl is hinged partment then registering with . the tube over the desk, a cap or lid, having air holes, this lid having at its base so that the parcel or money drops out. On the post at a web. shown in Fig. 3 . A pusher rod passes through the cashier's desk there is, also, a pin adapted to open
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09221888-180b fatcat:2q5dagsgfnbunl72gvp5h2dqfm