W. McD
1902 Mind  
NEW BOOKS. of having been the first of a series of other similar studies by different investigators, calls for severe criticism on a number of points. The apparatus used is well-nigh hopelessly inaccurate; it entirely fails to record movements describing certain curves; it cannot register the variations of pressure of the fingers upon the plate; most important of all, it is impossible while using it to make any time-measurements of the least value. The author prints only a few typical results.
more » ... w typical results. We are not told how many subjects were operated with, from which subject each particular tracing was obtained, to what extent the procedure was " wissentlieh " or " unwissentlioh," what the individual differences of the subjects were. The question deserves to be reinvestigated with the help of some such apparatus as that described by Sommer in his Psycho-pathologische Untertuchungtmethoden. F. N. H.
doi:10.1093/mind/xi.1.404 fatcat:fo7prfooqbfbrfuwpqma3bag3y