Preparation and evaluation of microwave dielectric ceramic thick films by aerosol deposition process

Jianyong LI, Daisuke TSUKIORI, Hirofumi KAKEMOTO, Satoshi WADA, Takaaki TSURUMI
2008 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
The objective of this study is to develop microwave dielectric ceramic thick films with a temperature coefficient of the resonant frequency (T cf ) near to zero. Ba 4.2 Sm 9.2 Ti 18 O 54 and TiO 2 fine powders are used as main materials to prepare thick films by aerosol deposition (AD) process. In order to evaluate the dielectric properties of thick films in frequency of microwave region, a new measurement procedure based on resonator techniques using a two-port microstrip ring resonator is
more » ... loped in this study. In this procedure, an electromagnetic field software simulator is used to avoid the complicated calculation that based on experiential formula. The results show the evidences clearly that the T cf can be modulated by changing the molar ratio of raw powders.
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.116.406 fatcat:ceuwpdpybbekzcyikaxqsutqsu