Controlled Antibiotic Delivery by Gelatin Nanospheres: Optimization, Characterization and Antibacterial Evaluation

S Fathollahipour, A Ghaee, Abouei Mehrizia, A Koosha
2016 J Nanostruct   unpublished
How to cite this article The present work focuses on preparation and characterization of erythromycin loaded gelatin nanoparticles through nanoprecipitation method. The procedure consists of the addition of the aqueous gelatin solution to the non-solvent phase containing Lutherol F127. Three different measures of cross-linker and polymer concentration were also examined, and the optimum concentration was found. The morphology of gelatin nanoparticles was characterized by field emission scanning
more » ... electron microscope. It was shown that the optimal morphology can be achieved at the concentration of 1.25 wt % of gelatin in aqueous phase by addition of 20 mL of glutaraldehyde 5%, as the crosslinking agent. Nanoparticle wet size determination was carried out using a dynamic light scattering system and found to be approximately 100 nm. Furthermore, Erythromycin release studies proved the suitability of these particles as a drug delivery system, at least in the studied 72 hours interval. As suggested by related measurements, these nanoparticles are good candidates for antibacterial agent release in any possible related application.