Тестування Як Метод Контролю Навчання Студентів У Вітчизняній Педагогічній Думці (60-Ті – 80-Ті Рр. Хх Ст.)

Тихонович Вікторія Миколаївна
2015 Zenodo  
The article highlights the views of the national scientists to use testing as a method of monitoring student learning that are based on activity approach to learning students. It has been analyzed the scientists' requirements for taking tests, including the validity, strict control of all stages of using test; differentiation of their content and etc. It has been revealed the essence of the idea of creating the standard student's answers to test questions. The attention is paid to determining
more » ... id to determining the peculiarities of usage of tests to control students' knowledge in the conditions of software training, namely to the necessity of formalization of the content of tests based on the allocation of its structures: pragmatic, syntactic and semantic. It has been determined characteristic of the ways of answering the questions that were used in tests for controlling machines. It is concluded that in the period testing as a method to control the education of students has been received theoretical foundation, built on the achievements of psychological science.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.34212 fatcat:usgatawdkfdw3jqypglfp6bl2y