Comparison of the Effectiveness 3% Tranexamic Acid Cream Versus 4% Hydroquinone Cream for Treatment of Epidermal Type Melasma

Hartika Ketty Marpaung, Theresia L. Toruan, Yuli Kurniawati
2021 BioScientia Medicina  
A B S T R A C TBackground: Melasma is an acquired hypermelanosis in areas that are exposed tosun. especially in face. Severity of melasma is measured using modified MelasmaArea Severity Index (mMASI) and Melanin Index (MI). Hydroquinone (HQ) is aneffective drug and also a gold standard in terms of melasma treatment. However. thedrawback of hydroquinone is the treatment duration which is quite long. theoccurence of side effects. and also recurrence potential. Several recent studies showsthat one
more » ... of the anti-pigmentation agent options. the tranexamic acid (TA). is able toprevent melanocyte activation. The results of various studies found that the use ofTA showed a significant improvement in MASI scores. Objective: To compare theeffectivity of 3% TA cream with 4% HQ cream as an alternative therapy in epidermaltype melasma treatment. Methods: A double-blind. matched. randomized clinicaltrial was conducted during July 2019 until August 2019 at Dr. Mohammad HoesinGeneral Hospital Palembang. Subjects were divided into two groups. The first group.consists of 30 participants. get 3% TA cream; and the second group. consists of 30participants. get 4% HQ cream. Subjects who fulfilled the inclusion criteria wasincluded through a simple randomization. Study subjects wer given random creampot (with label A or B on it) according to the result of simple randomization. Finally.every subjects' melasma severity was measured using mMASI and mexameter ® .Results: There were differences in terms of baseline. 4 th weeks and 8 th weeks aftertreatment mMASI scores in 3% TA and 4% HQ group. At 8 th week. the mMASI scorethe 3% TA group was lower than 4% HQ group. There was no differences in baseline.4 th weeks and 8 th after treatment MI between the two groups. Melanin index for 3%TA group was lower than 4% HQ group. Conclusion: Three-percent TA cream and4% HQ cream is effective in decreasing mMASI score and MI in epidermal typemelasma. There were differences in terms of the mMASI score during the 8th weekafter treatment between 3% TA and 4% HQ group.
doi:10.32539/bsm.v5i2.221 fatcat:j3z47reenjhfnj2qg5ho455ivu