Utilization of PLGA Nanoparticles in Cosmetic Preparations

Yuta SUGII, Takahiro SUZUKI, Aiko SASAI, Hiroyuki TSUJIMOTO
The Micromeritics  
In functional cosmetics, nano-DDS (Drug Delivery System) is used to improve the permeation of the active ingredient into the skin and pores. A typical example is a liposome composed of phospholipid molecules. We have focused on the nanoparticle technology using the biodegradable poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) developed by Professor Kawashima of Gifu Pharmaceutical University and applied to functional cosmetics since 2004. PLGA nanoparticles have the characteristics of (1) permeability to
more » ... e stratum corneum and pores, and (2) sustained release of encapsulated active ingredient. In this paper, we will introduce the effectiveness examples using PLGA nanoparticles for acne and other skin problems inside the pores and hair growth on the head and eyelashes.
doi:10.24611/micromeritics.2020012 fatcat:ehjcqrcqpvewhfar2ggyf7nx4a