(Re)locating pleasure in media studies: toward an erotics of reading

Brian L. Ott
2004 Communication and Critical/Cultural studies  
ab-stract, (n.) 1. a summary of points (as of a writing) usu. presented in skeletal form. (adj.) 1. difficult to understand: abstruse. (vt.) 1. dissociate, remove, separate. This essay concerns how language is, at once, structured (producing meaning) and infinite (destabilizing meaning). Both functions of language are tied to pleasure. Contemporary critical media studies, it is argued, has attacked the pleasure (plaisir) of language's structuring function while simultaneously repressing the
more » ... repressing the pleasure (jouissance) of language's dismantling function. Is this to(o) abstract?
doi:10.1080/14791420410001685386 fatcat:hbcpjxdtqrbmtbjqgzgditbh4q