Hydatid Cyst in Lung- A Rare Case Report

Dr Subhranshu Sekhar Dhal
2017 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
OOMPANY -SERGEANT -MAJOR B., R.G.A., aged 40, serVIce eighteen years, India six years, and previously at home for some, years, reported sick on October 28th, about noon. He gave the history of slight hffimoptysis eighteen months before, and he had reported sick at Thobba sixteen months earlier, and was in hospital six days for" coryza," since then he has had fits of coughing at irregular intervals, and each time he had spat up a little blood. In March last he reported sick here after one of
more » ... e attacks, and was examined by two medical officers, who found nothing wrong with him, and he was told to bring for examination the next lot of blood he brought up, but he has not had an attack since until to-day. He has lost over a stone in weight during the hot weather, and had no appetite, and not been at all well, but .had merely thought it the effects of climate. On the morning of October 28th he went out with the company routemarching, and after going for about three miles he was suddenly atta.cked with violent pains in the chest and fits of coughing, so that he had to fall out and sit by the roadside. These lasted about a quarter of an hour, with some spitting of blood, until a piece of dense white membrane came up, when they ceased, and he came back to the fort and lay down on his bed. After breakfast the cough recurred with greater severity, until he was obliged to come to the hospital for relief. While waiting to see me the cough came on again, and he brought up a little blood· stained mucus and two more small pieces of membrane. The first he had brought to show me was three inches long and half an inch 9road, the other two were roughly an inch square. He was completely exhausted and very nervous, pulse 120, the heart dilated, with the apex beat outside the nipple line; the respirations were 24 per minute. He was given a stimulant and some morphia, and kept quite quiet, and was comfortable in the evening. Before daylight on the 29th he had another fit of coughing and brought up another large piece of membrane, which was followed by a large quantity of an offensive discharge, mixed with blood, which tasted very nasty; it aU went on to the floor, so was not preserved. Two more small pieces of membrane were coughed up during the day, and some mucus mixed with blood, and it all had an offensive smell, and after this he had no more of these attacks of coughing. Examination showed that the patient is a thin, spare man, in poor by copyright. on March 18, 2020 by guest. Protected
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v5i10.85 fatcat:fybyd2lrc5hcbedcgqckwnbe3q