Skilda framtidsvägar Perspektiv på det tidiga 2000-talets gymnasiereform

Lisbeth Lundahl
2008 Utbildning & Demokrati   unpublished
Separate paths to the future. Perspectives on the Swedish upper secondary school reform of the early 2000s. In this article, the forthcoming reform of Swedish upper secondary education is considered in a historical and critical perspective spanning 40 years. Five aspects are focused on: problem representations, functions of the reforms, integration-separation, universalism-selectiveness and governance-influence. The proposed reform constitutes a major break with the previously dominant
more » ... y dominant integration trend, as its aim is a clear division of students into three separate streams: study-oriented, vocation-oriented and apprenticeship education and training. In the longer perspective, however, this has been a consistent, if not realized, policy of the political right. The reform is also more selective in character: managing students "at risk" is central and the apprenticeship alternative, in particular, targets this group. The last 20 years of marketization and decentralization of upper secondary education pose a dilemma. A reform aimed at restoration rather than formulating solutions for an unknown future seems to be at hand.