Appropriate Disposal and Recycling of Wastes with ^|^ldquo;MLG^|^bull;SUPER^|^trade;^|^rdquo;

Tadakazu Ohnishi
As a method to become harmless and to recycle the wastes such as the incineration ash and the dust, we introduce the chemical insolubilization process with the processing agents called MLG-SUPER, combined used the cement solidification. The processing changes harmful heavy metals into an insoluble compounds effectively, and carries out stable fixation. Much more effective detoxification is realizable by carrying out substitution fixation of the compound made insoluble into the solidification
more » ... work structure formed of the hydration reaction of cement solidification. Because long-term stable detoxification is guaranteed, the processing thing formed by such a method is suitable for the recycling use.
doi:10.2524/jtappij.66.1355 fatcat:o35w4zkx3za2phn5qatm52t36a