Classification of Pathologic and Innocent Heart Murmur Based on Multimedia Presentations of Acoustic Heart Signals

Božo Tomas, Željko Rončević, Darko Zelenika
Heart is a source of sound, a "live instrument" of very unstable structures. A sound produced by acoustic activity of the heart contains information about health state of the heart. However, very few physicians can establish medical diagnosis just by using the technique of listening of heart sounds called auscultation. Spectral composition of acoustic heart beat signals in children without heart murmur (Normal), and with pathologic heart murmur of Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) were compared
more » ... th innocent Still's murmur (Still) as to determine the parameters of the Still's murmur. Goertzel algorithm implementation can provide a basic understanding of the spectral compositions of the heart sounds and murmurs. Still's murmur is analyzed in more detail because it is incorrectly diagnosed by many doctors. The graphic illustrations in this paper include 3D graphic presentation of heart sound signals as the main achievement of the paper.