Length-weight and length-length relationships of Aphanius dispar dispar (Rüppell, 1829) in Dalaki river, Bushehr, in south of Iran

Mehdi Bibak
2012 Scientific Research and Essays  
Length-weight and length-length relationships were derived for Aphanius dispar dispar in Dalaki river (in south of Iran). Sampling was done between January to August of 2011 using scoop net. The b value in the length-weight relationship did not differ significantly between males and females (t-test, P>0.05) and this value was significantly higher than 3 (P<0.05). The relationship between total and standard lengths was significantly linear (p<0.01). Relative condition factor (Krel) did not
more » ... significantly between sex and various seasons (P>0.05). This study reports the length-weight relationship of A. dispar dispar for the first time in the worldwide and it provides basic information for fishery biologists in Iran.
doi:10.5897/sre11.2245 fatcat:pczod2b7lrbcfhgavqfncstqci