Characterization Of Scannable Leaky Wave Antennas Using An Extended Metamaterial Framework

Garrett Gilchrist
CHARACTERIZATION OF SCANNABLE LEAKY WAVE ANTENNAS USING AN EXTENDED METAMATERIAL FRAMEWORK In the past decade, metamaterials have shown new and exciting ways to treat electromagnetic problems, which have gained popularity within the antenna and microwave circuit fields. A composite right left handed (CRLH) transmission line approach for characterizing the TE 10 dominate mode rectangular waveguide scannable leaky wave antenna will be treated. This is explained by transmission line theory using
more » ... line theory using the lumped element inductor/capacitor (LC) model. The treatment will develop the ideal lossless CRLH transmission line and show how it can be successfully applied to treat the scannable leaky wave antenna (LWA). iii Acknowledgments I would like to express my highest gratitude to the following people for their continuing support and guidance through this adventure, and without whom this research would have had a decidedly different outcome: my wife and son, Heather and Everett, for their steadfast patience, my mentor, Michael Hurst, PhD., for his enthusiastic guidance through many obstacles, and Professor Barry Spielman, PhD., for asking the hard questions as I navigated an under-explored aspect of metamaterials. I would also like to thank: James
doi:10.7936/k71n7z61 fatcat:3a6jadbvxvdc7nbbbiftgjyx4a