Evaluation of some maize hybrids under water stress conditions

M. Abd-Elaziz, H. Darwish, H. El-Shahed, H. Mohamed, R. Alsebaey
2020 Journal of Plant Production  
Two field experiments were conducted at Gemmeiza Agriculture Research Station; the first was under normal irrigation and the second was under water stress by skipping the third and fourth irrigations during the two seasons 2018 and 2019, to study the response of 16 maize hybrids to water stress. A strip plot design with four replications was used in each year. Combined analysis across two years revealed that, significant or highly significant differences were detected between two years for the
more » ... two years for the most of traits. Highly significant differences were found between normal irrigation and water stress treatment for all studied traits. Hybrids showed highly significant differences for all studied traits. The highest single crosses for grain yield plant -1 were SC 128 followed by SC 132 under normal irrigation and water stress conditions, meanwhile the highest three-way cross was TWC 321 under normal irrigation and TWC 368 under water stress. Single crosses SC 178 and SC 176 also three-way crosses TWC 352 and TWC 368 were able to tolerate drought. Correlation coefficient was significant and positive between each of ear length and number of kernels row -1 with grain yield plant -1 under normal irrigation and between 100 kernel weight and grain yield plant -1 under normal and stress irrigation.
doi:10.21608/jpp.2020.149835 fatcat:owtirw5btfesnezthram2tomwq