Jasmine 85 from Seven Rice Seed Production Sources in Ghana Are Genetically Different

O. T. Akintayo, B. K. Maalekuu, J. K. Saajah
2015 Journal of Agricultural Science  
Jasmine 85 is the most popular and widely cultivated rice variety in Ghana. Samples of Jasmine 85 were collected from seven seed sources with a reference sample obtained from Africa Rice Center, Senegal. Morphological evaluation involved qualitative and quantitative data. Jasmine 85 from all sources were similar in terms of aroma, anthocyanin coloration, leaf pubescence, and ligule shape. The sources showed significant differences to pericarp colour, days to 50% heading, plant height, seed
more » ... t height, seed length and seed width. Physico-chemical analyses showed grain size and shape, grain chalkiness; cooking time, head rice yield, gelatinisation temperature, amylose content and viscosity properties differed significantly among the sources whilst grain hardness was not significantly different. Molecular characterisation using 15 SSR markers showed that although closely related, the sources differed significantly. None of the sources in Ghana was genetically identical to the reference sample. Seeds from different sources should not be mixed for sale or production, and these varieties should be treated separately in future evaluations.
doi:10.5539/jas.v7n4p152 fatcat:ta2svrpytja6xnjqfgekhn6abu