Effect of Spinneret Dimension on Structure and Performance of Polyetherimide Hollow Fiber Membrane in Membrane Contactor

Gholamreza Bakeri
2017 Iran. J. Polym. Sci. Technol. (Persian)   unpublished
spinneret dimension, polyetherimide hollow fiber membrane, membrane contactor, membrane characteristics, absorption process. I n hollow fiber membrane fabrication process, a number of parameters such as dope compositions, flow rate, bore fluid type, flow rate, and air gap affect the structure and characteristics of membrane. Spinneret dimension as the effective parameter on the properties of a polyetherimide (PEI) hollow fiber membrane and its performance in membrane contactor was examined. A
more » ... r was examined. A polymer solution was used for fabrication of two PEI membranes under the same fabrication conditions, with variable-spinneret dimensions. Through the addition of water as a non-solvent into the polymer solution, the thermodynamic stability of the solution decreased and the phase-inversion process increased, and therefore, the effects of chain reorientation or chain relaxation on the structure of hollow fiber membrane were minimized. The fabricated membranes were characterized by different tests and their performance in membrane contractor and in CO 2 absorption test was evaluated in two events: 1-distilled water in lumen side and pure CO 2 in shell side and 2-distilled water in shell side and pure CO 2 in lumen side. The results showed that smaller dimension of spinneret enhanced the properties of membrane such as 250% increase in mean pore size and 300% increase in gas permeation rate. In addition, the smaller dimension of the spinneret formed more pores in the structure of membrane that could be related to the shorter diffusion distance of the coagulant. Furthermore, the CO 2 absorption flux improved by 150%.