Initial Study of the Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and Other Invertebrates from "Leshnitsa" Nature Reserve (Central Stara Planina Mountains, Bulgaria)

Teodora Teofilova
2016 unpublished
The invertebrate fauna of the "Leshnitsa" nature reserve was studied, with particular consideration to the ground beetles. During the study altogether 394 specimens of carabid beetles belonging to 32 species and subspecies were captured, as well as 23 other invertebrate species, some of which are with a conservation significance (protected, Bulgarian and Balkan endemics). Ground beetles were characterized and classified according to their zoogeographical belonging, degree of endemism and the
more » ... e forms they refer to. Threats for the invertebrate fauna and negative factors of anthropogenic origin were determined and measures for diminishing of their effect were proposed. So far the invertebrate fauna in this part of the mountain has been insufficiently studied. The real state of the diversity of this group in the area will be revealed only after future investigations and discovery of additional new species for the region.