Hide and Seek: A White Paper in Steganography

2013 Journal of the ACS Advances in Computer Science  
Steganography, derived from the Greek, literally means, "Covered writing". It is the science of hiding information in ways that prevent the detection of hidden messages. Digital technology gives us new ways to apply steganographic techniques, including one of the most trickery that of hiding information in multimedia likes image, audio and video. It includes a huge array of secret communications methods that conceal the message's very existence. These methods include invisible inks, microdots,
more » ... haracter arrangement, digital signatures, covert channels, and spread spectrum communications. Steganography and Cryptography are cousins in the spycraft family. Cryptography scrambles a message so it cannot be understood while Steganography hides the message so it cannot be seen. A message in ciphertext, for instance, might arouse suspicion on the part of the recipient while an "invisible" message created with steganographic methods will not. The purpose of the presented white paper is to provide momentary information in the area of Steganography with illustrations of some methods for Steganography. Providing and evaluating steganographic methods with experiments. In this article image files are discussed and how to hide information in them
doi:10.21608/asc.2013.158158 fatcat:qciwsghsmfajzkz3kqaubhdspy