Molestowanie seksualne przed uzyskaniem pełnoletności a stan zdrowia i funkcjonowanie społeczne osób uzależnionych od opioidów leczonych substytucyjnie

Sylwia Fudalej, Anna Klimkiewicz, Maciej Kopera, Andrzej Jakubczyk, Marcin Wojnar
2016 Alcoholism and Drug Addiction  
A number of previous studies confirmed worse health and social conditions among opioid-dependent individuals with a childhood history of sexual abuse. To the best of our knowledge, this issue has not been investigated in the Polish population. We aimed to analyse the prevalence of sexual abuse in opioiddependent individuals undergoing therapy in the methadone maintenance clinic and to assess the association of clinical and social characteristics with a history of sexual abuse. Method: The study
more » ... . Method: The study included a sample of 240 opioid-dependent patients. Participants were interviewed using self-reported questionnaire and standardised measures on experience of childhood and adulthood abuse, physical and mental health, addictions, social functioning and family history. Results: About 35% of women reported sexual violence in childhood. Sexual abuse in this period was associated with family dysfunction, physical abuse, current more intensive depressive symptoms and pain, as well as suicide attempts with stronger morbid desires. under the CC BY-NC-ND license ( 157 (67,7) 23 (88,5) 128 (65,0) 0,016 Uzależnienie od innych substancji psychoaktywnych/Drug dependence; n (%) dane od/data of 228 osób/persons 56 (24,6) 9 (36,0) 47 (23,2) 0,22 Zaburzenia psychiczne/Mental disorders; n (%) dane od/data of 223 osób/persons 55 (24,7) 14 (56,0) 41 (20,7) <0,001 Samobójstwa/Suicides; n (%) dane od/data of 220 osób/persons 41 (18,6) 13 (52,0) 28 (14,4) <0,001 Konflikty z prawem/Criminal sentence; n (%) dane od/data of 220 osób/persons 118 (53,6) 16 (64,0) 102 (52,3) 0,27 Wartości/values p < 0,05 wytłuszczono/in bold; IQR: Interquartile range S. Fudalej et al. / Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 29 (2016) 1-8
doi:10.1016/j.alkona.2016.03.001 fatcat:kxcdcntepjc6pezoatltdvvsxm