Visual and Instrumental Observations from the Spacecraft

2020 Russian Journal of Astrophysical Research Series A  
The article examines space visual-instrumental observations used in observing space objects and phenomena. Visual instrumental observations include: observation by the human eye, the human eye and an optical device, only an optical or photogrammetric device. The article describes the features of observation of moving objects in outer space. The article proves that there is a distorted perception of the size of fast-moving objects in outer space. The article describes the distortion of the color
more » ... ortion of the color perception of fast objects in space. The article proves that the purpose of visual-instrumental observations is to build scenes and achieve a holistic perception or gestalt. The article shows the importance of perception, reception and apperception in visual and instrumental observations. Experimental observations of space objects are given. The article proves that the angular measurements of space objects are a stable quantity and can be the basis for visual space observations. Angular measurements of space objects can be used in comparative analysis and comparative planetology. Tsvetkov, 2015 -Tsvetkov V.Ya. The Cognitive Modeling with the Use of Spatial Information // European Journal of Technology and Design. 2015. 4(10): 149-158. Tsvetkov, Maslov, 2014 -Tsvetkov V.Ya., Maslov A.S. Informative Description of Gestalt // European Journal of Technology and Design. 2014. 3(5): 153-160.
doi:10.13187/rjar.2020.1.23 fatcat:fug3tbdhwvdelbsehhfguosohu