Double Dealing Homunculus, Jung, and Fascistic Proclivities

Saeed Shoja Shafti, Auctores Publishing LLC
2021 Journal of Clinical Research and Reports  
Fascism is a system of government merging the most extreme features of both authoritarianism and totalitarianism, and is classically considered to be at the far-right end of the political continuum, and sees racial hygiene, political violence, battle, and expansionism as means that can attain national rejuvenation. Emergence of Fascism in the last century in Europe, which had been raised up from somewhat democratic settings, has not been overlooked by intellectuals, who are in search of origins
more » ... and physiognomies of Fascism. While many of researchers appreciate Fascism as a sociological phenomenon that demands psychological autopsy, there are investigators, as well, who are in search of developmental, biological, political, economical or administrative backgrounds of Fascism. In this regard, the connection between Jung and Fascism, also, was an intricate story that has been reflected again in a number of new studies. In the present article, Fascism, as a political dogma in the spectrum of authoritarianism, though not an unfamiliar administrative scheme in the globe and history, has been looked over psychosocially, along with some remarkable standpoints of some of the most known intellectuals, who were studying Fascism, Fascists, and masses in close proximity.
doi:10.31579/2690-1919/196 fatcat:fpvhkfcggrckzaobt5w5sfubwa